Hireage Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for hireage of items from DanceBoxNZ

If you are hiring items from DanceBoxNZ, then you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions for hireage:


Hire Period: Unless otherwise arranged, this hire period is for a period of eight days from the first date the costumes are required by the hirer. Extended hire is available, by prior arrangement with DanceBoxNZ, at a cost to be determined by DanceBoxNZ in addition to the hire fee. DanceBoxNZ will send the items prior to the hire period commencing. 

Pricing: Hire pricing displayed on the DanceBoxNZ website is per item, for the hire period of eight days. If items are required for a longer period of time, additional charges may apply as determined by DanceBoxNZ. 
Once costumes have left DanceBoxNZ premises, they are the hirer’s full responsibility and held at the hirer’s own risk until DanceBoxNZ receives them back. 

Couriers: Courier charges are in addition to hire costs. Couriers will not be processed until all costs associated with the hire have been paid in full. Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure your costume arrives in time for your event, the hirer acknowledges that once the costume/s leaves the premises, DanceBoxNZ is not responsible for any delays or non-delivery by the courier company. Once the costume has been collected from our premises, DanceBoxNZ will email tracking details to the hirer. The hirer agrees to then follow up any concerns regarding delivery with the courier company directly. 

Return courier: The Customer must use a tracked courier to all returns and immediately email tracking details to DanceBoxNZ. Items must be sent back to DanceBoxNZ prior to the “return by” date, which is day eight of the hire period. DanceBoxNZ must be notified as soon as possible of any potential delays in the items being sent back. Items returned late may be subject to late fees - this is at the discretion of DanceBoxNZ. We will contact you once the costume/s have been returned and checked. 

Cancellations/Non-Collection: Hire fees are not refundable on cancellation or non-collection (other than at the discretion of DanceBoxNZ). 

Booking/Hire Fees: Full payment is required at the time of booking.

Late Returns: An item is deemed late if not returned by close of business on the “return by” date. Any items not returned by the “return by” date will incur a charge of $25.00 per day until and including the date on which the items are returned. This will be invoiced and sent to you via the email address supplied. The late fee is to be paid within 14 days of the invoice being sent to you. In the event of DanceBoxNZ losing a subsequent hire owing to the late return, a further hire charge may be applied at the discretion of DanceBoxNZ.

Loss or Damage: The address that you provide us in the purchasing process is assumed to be the address that you are residing at and we take no responsibility for non-delivery if you are not there to receive it. Once the garment is delivered to you, you “the hirer” hold full responsibility for any damages made to the garment whilst in your possession. If any garments are returned and have been marked or damaged, and are deemed by DanceBoxNZ as unable to be fixed, you will be required to pay a damage fee of $30.00 per product. This is in addition to the hireage cost per item. This will be invoiced to your supplied email address. This invoice is to be paid by the hirer within 14 days of the invoice being sent. Some of the examples of damage include, but are not limited to, unremovable makeup stains, tears or rips, and loss of the product.  

Cleaning: Please do not wash the costumes as many of them are delicate and require special treatment.

Fit for purpose: DanceBoxNZ makes no representation as to the size, physical fit or historical or other accuracy of any costume, item or accessory. This Costume Hire Agreement relates only to the supply of the specified items for the agreed hire period. The customer must satisfy him/herself prior to hiring as to the fitness or otherwise of any item for its intended purpose. Size guides are supplied for each costume for the hirer to determine suitability. 

Acceptance of the item(s) at the commencement of the hire period is confirmation that each item is complete and undamaged unless any faults or defects are notified to DanceBoxNZ prior to the customer using the costume. Loss or damage not notified to DanceBoxNZ until the end of the hire period may be considered as having occurred within the hire period and may incur damage fees. 
Covenants of the Hirer
The Hirer agrees with DanceBoxNZ as follows: 

  1. to be solely responsible for all items hired at all times until their return in accordance with the terms of this agreement; 
  2. to take proper care of all items hired and to be responsible for all loss and damage to the items hired, however caused, during the hire period; 
  3. to be responsible for the delivery of the items hired from and to DanceBoxNZ premises; 
  4. not to damage the items hired or permit them to be damaged in any way; 
  5. not to make any amendments, modifications or additions to the items hired or alter them in any way; 
  6. not to dispose of or part with possession of the items hired; 
  7. to notify DanceBoxNZ immediately of any loss, or damage to the items hired and to pay DanceBoxNZ the full cost of the replacement or repair of the damaged or lost items.  
Reservations/Bookings: When DanceBoxNZ agrees to reserve for the hirer particular items until a specified date, the hirer agrees to pay the reservation/booking charges agreed between DanceBoxNZ and the hirer. 
Liabilities: Upon the return of the items hired, DanceBoxNZ will as soon as practicable check the condition of the items. In the event that the hirer is not present, the decision of DanceBoxNZ as to the accuracy of the checking procedure is final and binding on the parties. Any discrepancy will be communicated in writing to the hirer as soon as practicable. 
General: The Costume Hire Agreement and these terms and conditions shall be the entire agreement between the parties and no agreements or additions shall be made unless agreed between the parties in writing.



□ I understand that any items not returned by the “return by” date will incur a charge of $25 per day until and including the date on which the items are returned. 

□ I accept full responsibility for all items hired.

 □ I accept that underwear is to be worn at all times with costumes hired. 

 □ I agree to look after and treat with respect all items hired from DanceBoxNZ.

□ I agree that I will be charged a damage or loss fee for non-return, loss or damage to items hired, as determined by DanceBoxNZ in its absolute discretion. 

□ I agree not to change, alter or amend in any way, or attach anything to, any items hired. 

□ I accept complete responsibility for all items hired for a third party as set out in these conditions. 

□ DanceBoxNZ cannot be held responsible if items hired for a third party do not fit or are unsuitable. 

□ Each item hired is worn at the customer’s own risk in all respects and DanceBoxNZ is not liable for any loss or injury sustained by any person while wearing any of the items hired.