Body Wrappers Lyrical Shoe

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Pleated, half-sole lyrical slipper. "totalSTRETCH™ " canvas fabric is machine washable, antibacterial and moisture wicking.  Natural, vegetable-dyed suede sole with adjustable straps feature silicone backing for a stay-put fit. Freedom pleats allow for easy toe movements.   

Available in child sizes (10 - 2) and adult sizes (3 - 10) 

Suggested Fitting : Children with a shoe size from 10-2 order same size as street shoe. Children with a child’s size of 3 or above will need to order an adult size (their adult sizing is their current kids size + 2 - ie; child size 3 = adult size 5). Women order 2-3 sizes smaller than street shoe.

In stock with supplier, delivery estimate 2 weeks.